Sustainability, ESG & Impact Analysis

Classify sustainable products with confidence, via deep level due diligence and cross framework scorecards, based on your specific sustainability strategy
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Generate ESG scorecards to demonstrate regulatory due diligence on assets of sustainable products

Select from the Orbit library of cross-framework questions or build your own to meet your sustainability strategy
Harness the extensive range of Orbit AI models to automate the collection of offical ESG data points
Create business rules and industry weightings to generate highly configured ESG scorecards across all holdings

Reduce manual effort and enhance transparency

Utilise Large Language Models to automate the collection and aggregate key ESG data sets
Prove data lineage to trace all data points back to an official underlying source document
Utilise the Orbit API's to extract all content to feed internal platforms

Reduce cost & increase depth and timeliness of data

Significantly reduce the reliance on external data vendors via a technology driven data collection process
Orbit business logic identifies possible errors and material changes to streamline the review and QC process
Set up alerts and automated workflows to process new data and ESG scorecards in line with market events and news