Research & Analytics

Put AI to work to uncover new investment opportunities and generate intuitive research content, at scale
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Harness the power of AI to instantly produce a detailed summary at a market, sector or company level.

Reduce the manual work associated with interrogating large volumes of unstructured research content
Let AI do the work in order to uncover insight and key research content
Instantly view all source content to ensure accuracy of research summaries

Automated production of research reports across all holdings and watch lists

Receive tailored research reports across all holdings within hours of key reports and exchange filings
Build tailored report templates and let AI do the heavy lifting
Review, edit and collaborate research content with colleagues across all corporate media

Screen the market to generate
investment ideas

Screen up to 71,000 companies against a set of out-the-box or client defined themes and concepts
Scan portfolios for recent news and ESG controversies
Set-up instant alerts to stay on top of industry trends and company activity