Data Management for
Financial Services; Vendors, Exchanges, Software Partners.

Put AI to work on your Data and Technology Strategy – We help Financial Data and Software Providers to create new revenue opportunities, reduce costs and improve operational productivity. Liberate data analysts from sourcing, processing, transformation and data cleansing tasks, elevate analysis, streamline and automate operational processes, boost decisions and accuracy.
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AI driven data management for
service providers

Gain competitive advantage by partnering with Orbit; improve efficiency and productivity, enhance decision-making, advance personalization, improve accuracy and precision, Business Transformation, Innovate and create new products at scale.

Create New Revenue Opportunities:

  • Create new products quicker and improve Time to Market for new services.
  • Leverage new revenue channels with technology driven data sourcing

Cost and Productivity Opportunities:

  • Greatly extend the range and competency of Operational workflow.
  • Automate manual processes to improve efficiency and increase transparency

Mitigate Risk:

  • Access data for faster Risk identification to enable your clients to comply with Regulations.
  • Automate logic to reduce inaccuracy.