Orbit Financial
Bespoke ESG Integration Automation

Make more informed ESG decisions, with confidence

Against a backdrop of greenwashing scandals, managing an ESG-linked fund has come under increasing scrutiny over the past few years. Both asset and wealth managers need to be absolutely transparent that companies within ESG funds are being categorised according to the right sustainability criteria.

Firms are beginning to perform their own ESG rankings to compliment external third-party providers, which can at times lack either full transparency or the methodology to suit particular investment processes. Bespoke research behind these rankings can be extremely difficult to obtain, however, as the extraction and cleansing of data typically requires a lot of manual effort.

Impact fund performance. Unlock additional investment opportunities. Deliver transparency.

Orbit’s automated research process provides firms with the opportunity to be far more granular, so they can truly understand if ESG criteria are being met, and spot investment opportunities at an early stage. Our AI-driven data tools help produce bespoke ESG scorecards and reports, as well as automated audit trails to prove best-practice.

Firms can actually build their own ESG indicators by opening up the underlying data and analysing using their own methodologies. By enriching information with up-to-date feeds from an innumerable amount of alternative data sets (both public and proprietary), Orbit’s clients can perform far more in-depth analysis. Investment research can also be performed at scale, meaning a wider universe of companies can be scanned, potentially leading to a positive impact on fund performance.