Orbit Financial
Risk & Compliance Solution

An evolutionary shift in product governance

The global investment and trading landscape has led to a transformation in the way financial services firms perform product governance. Whether related to ESG-related disclosure, such as the EU’s SFRD or CSRD rules, the FCA’s new Consumer Duty principle, or wealth managers wanting to perform fund screening for ethical reasons – firms need to start investing in the digitisation of product governance to meet new business and compliance challenges.

In order for firms to comply, data needs to be complete, consistent and comparable. Decisions need to be informed, with due diligence focusing on risk management, impact assessment, and social or environmental effects. Robust processes need to be in place to test outcomes and implement effective management information.

Conduct due diligence with confidence

Orbit’s automated research process provides firms with the opportunity to truly understand if investment criteria are being met. Our AI-driven platform helps produce bespoke screening and reports for public and private companies, as well as global funds. These are underpinned by an automated audit trail to prove best practice.
Firms can build their own indicators by opening up the underlying data and analysing it in different ways according to their own methodologies. By enriching information with up-to-date feeds from an innumerable amount of alternative data sets (both public and proprietary), business teams can perform far more in- depth analysis and screening of companies and funds. By producing bespoke
scorecards, asset and wealth managers can prioritise which assets to include in model portfolios, as well as monitor the viability of these decisions over time.