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China Market Insights

Take timely advantage of data on China

Global interest in China equities has exploded in recent years with regulatory reforms and the upweighting of A-shares in regional and global benchmark indices. Yet investment research specialists, keen to take advantage of the growing market opportunity in China, need to be able to risk-manage their offerings and approaches for alpha generation.

Investors struggle with the markedly different market data distribution mechanisms in China, as well as latency issues resulting from geographic distance and language translation times. Data collection requires a large manual effort with a lack of access to new, timely market data, and datasets are typically processed in an unstructured manner.

Uniquely processed datasets for China markets

By having timely access to China A-Share market datasets, our clients have been able to increase their alpha for sentiment broker research in the region. Fundamentally, our data quality, coverage, and the ability to process unstructured data at scale in a timely fashion, are what allow Orbit to stand out in the marketplace.

Our comprehensive datasets on China incorporate 10 years’ worth of historical data, including earnings call transcripts, broker research, executive officer Q&A responses, social media platforms and search engines. These complete datasets are processed via Orbit’s natural language processing (NLP) engine, enabling clients to receive sentiment-enriched data in a structured manner – saving them time and money. Data is delivered via custom flat files to feed internal systems or via the Orbit SaaS platform, with the ability to go through the full history of China A-Share transcripts. Moreover, with the click of a button all content can be translated from Mandarin to English.