Calculation: AI Power with transparency

Transform raw data into actionable intelligence with Orbit's advanced calculation. Our precision-engineered processes, from data pre-processing to AI-enhanced analysis, ensure that every piece of information is ready for you to generate insights.
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Accuracy and Relevance

The masters of data pre-processing

Data pre-processing is the critical first step in unlocking the value hidden within your information. Orbit delivers:
Entity Mapping: Seamlessly identify and link entities across datasets, enhancing data consistency and relational insight.
Document Type Classification: Automatically categorise documents, enabling targeted analysis and streamlined information retrieval.
PDF Pre-processing: Convert unstructured PDF content into structured data, making it accessible for your analysis.
These foundational procedures ensure your data is not only analysis-ready but optimised for accuracy and relevance.

Transforming search into discovery

The Orbit search engine

Designed for the intricacies of financial information, our search engine combines natural language understanding with advanced indexing to deliver precise, contextually relevant results. The power of our tool enables you to quickly find the exact data you need, transforming search into discovery

Accessible, intuitive, and efficient

ChatGPT Integration: Conversational AI for Analysis

Our conversational AI interface (powered by ChatGPT) allows you to interact with your data in natural, every day language. It enables you to ask questions, generate summaries, and even initiate complex analyses with simple instructions. ChatGPT's integration turns data analysis into a dialogue, making it more accessible, intuitive, and efficient.

Unleash Your Data's Potential

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