Harnessing GenAI

Redefining the Investment Research Landscape
da wie

Da Wei

Founder and CEO
Da has 18 years of experience in software and consulting in financial industry, and worked for a number software companies and financial clients. Da holds degrees on computer science and finance, is CFA and FRM qualified, and leads Orbit’s overall product development. Da supervises the project and advice on scoping, phasing and best practice.
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da wie

Orbit Financial Technology

Our core value lies in the behind-the-scenes work of processing unstructured documents at scale.
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Whitepaper Overview

The whitepaper titled "Harnessing GenAI: Redefining the Investment Research Landscape" explores the transformative impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on investment research. It emphasizes GenAI's role in streamlining tasks, leveraging unstructured data, and accelerating the speed to market for investment opportunities. The paper highlights the need for appropriate oversight and strategy alignment to maximize GenAI's effectiveness.

Key points include:
  • The personalized nature of research enabled by GenAI and Large Language Models (LLMs), allowing for tailored analysis and strategy formulation.
  • The automation possibilities in analyzing unstructured data, such as news sentiment and regulatory documents, to extract valuable insights swiftly and accurately.
  • The roadmap towards fully automated investment research, outlining six levels of research automation and the evolving role of analysts in this process.

Overall, the whitepaper envisions a future where GenAI empowers analysts to become architects of sophisticated strategies, leveraging automation to enhance decision-making processes and unlock new opportunities in the financial services industry.