Put AI to work to
uncover new investment opportunities and generate investment research,
at scale

Spotting early-stage investment is complex due to data overload: there still lacks a single, consolidated platform, especially for non-US and non-English content. Investment research requires precise logic and access to broader trends.
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Plans & Pricing

A more in-depth, defined and recurring search against a wider range of data. The more users create and monitor their own themes, the more the search engine adapts to their specialised domain or area.

AI Powered Investment Research

Orbit Insight provides a comprehensive solution which equates to a faster route for accurate, actionable insights and essentially alpha. Our proven optimised AI models and algorithms automatically mine content and monitor trends even before you start to search.

Track news sentiment, portfolio topics, and sentiment-price correlation. User-friendly interface allows scheduled historical data searches. Explore themes with own or preset concepts for in-depth research across levels.
Derive predictive indicators and investment opportunities from a universe of unstructured company documents and news sources.
Seamlessly generate ad-hoc research across millions of unstructured sources via our revolutionary approach of integrating LLMs (such as ChatGPT).
Screen companies against an 'out-the-box’ set of themes and concepts, which they can then review and validate official, underlying sources.

Features & Benefits

Smarter searching: The more in-depth, defined and recurring search against a wider range of data sources
Easy-to-configure search parameters delivered on an intuitive and clearly defined dashboard
Tweak accuracy levels and generate targeted research via our integrated AI models, including ChatGPT
Automatically generates current popular themes and market concepts
View results by theme, company & portfolio
Generate research notes for real-time collaboration
Securely upload, process and search in-house data
Ability to set up own themes/concepts
Search on English and non-English content
Search results stored and updated automatically