What are the challenges with ESG?

As ESG becomes more and more mainstream, driven by both competition and regulations, asset managers and asset owners are both seeking bespoke research, transparent and high quality ESG data, and reporting automation.

  • Many of the ESG related disclosures are not mandatory.
  • Searching for the required information across multiple files is more challenging.
  • Just having an ESG rating is not enough.
  • It’s a challenge finding quality data Searching for key attributes.
  • Ever growing ESG related reporting requirements.
Bespoke research
ESG controversies
Reporting automation
Data & data services
Time comparison

Bespoke research

Search ESG attributes or questions directly from company or fund documents. The solution replaces the manual research process and keeps the full transparency end-to-end.

The SaaS platform allows users to define search patterns or run various models to directly search on sentence-level documents that Orbit sources and maintain directly from corporate websites.

It supports team collaboration and exception handling.

The add-on services provide more automated and targeted processing, data and workflow integrations, and bespoke model developments.

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ESG controversies

Clients can define and manage any concepts that include ESG controversies.

The system automatically conducts a search for high quality content that includes exchange filings from major global exchanges, public news, and press releases.

By efficiently screening keywords using Orbit Insight against public filings and press releases, it’s easy to achieve a list of companies whose businesses relate to a theme, with evidential documents to enable you to draw your own conclusions.

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Automated analysis

Reporting automation

The solution is designed to automate the report generation activities and keep a full audit trail.

The key features are:

  • Manage structured information and track changes. Users can manually set up the schema and insert data or batch upload.
  • Setting report templates and links to structured information
  • Automatically generate reports and configure them to tables, paragraphs, graphs, or a mix. For the reports that are for compliance purposes, the template based report generation can best control the content accuracy.
  • Audit trail on report editing and sign off

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Data & data services

Orbit offers broad datasets of public filings and corporate documents.

We maintain and have access to all the relevant data to help build up bespoke data set or analysis.

Orbit provides bespoke data sourcing, cleansing, and analysing of various public sources and clients’ internal data.

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Orbit Financial Technology

At Orbit, we focus on the end to end processing of unstructured data for the Financial industry and investment research. Both on data sourcing, cleansing, and providing user friendly interfaces as applications to control the environment in which our clients face their research challenges with our bespoke solutions. We use AI driven technologies, and natural language processing across keyword matching and sentiment levels.