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market insights.

Unstructured data holds valuable market insights, including signals and risks. Converting it into structured, processed data is essential to unlocking signals and insight in order to develop independent, accurate intelligence for a comprehensive view of investment opportunities.
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Accelerate market insights, at scale

Harness the extensive range of Orbit’s AI models and data sources to generate ad-hoc or workflow-controlled data sets and research reports with full transparency on underlying sources.

Orbit DataStudio offers unique insights by streamlining the management of unstructured data. Clients can either create custom data dashboards, or have Orbit create managed feeds for them. Orbit DataStudio currently powers three SaaS products: Orbit ESG, Orbit China and Orbit Insight.
Use AI to turn any conceivable format or volume of unstructured data into a wealth of accurate market intelligence, providing more information, more quickly, to guide better financial decisions.
We combine Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT with Orbit's reliable data to effortlessly extract precise information.
Orbit DataStudio can even systematically search and analyse your proprietary information to truly free up the value of internal data.

Features & Benefits

Automatically generate accurate datasets, quickly
Extraction of data points for tailored research (e.g. bespoke sentiment or small data sets)
Deploy powerful AI-driven tools and LLMs (like ChatGPT) in an internal IT environment
Configurable document processing pipeline
Over 45 advanced NLP and ML models ready to be deployed
A robust review process - and the ability to easily reference sources
Semantic and multilingual search engine
Managed services - support on system integration, execution and maintenance