Access unique insights on the China A-share market

Rising interest in Chinese equities is occuring due to regulatory reforms and increased disclosures from listed companies. Yet research faces data challenges, manual effort, latency, and unstructured processing issues amid market opportunities.
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Generate alpha signals with Orbit China

Orbit stands out for its comprehensive and high-quality data. Processed and translated datasets encompass 10+ years of China-listed filing history, including earnings call and institutional meeting transcripts as well as social media search volumes, order flow and more via data feeds and APIs.
Orbit China employs NLP, OCR, and ML to transform unstructured docs into defined data sets for the China equity market. Our innovative optimisation process rapidly enriches data to streamline alpha signal generation.
Generate consistent alpha signals within China-linked strategies by having timely access to high quality and fully translated China A-Share datasets.
Extract machine readable exchage filings by page, data table or via search critieria, via our comprehensive set of API's

Features & Benefits

Generate trading signals via a comprehensive package of accurate, timely and fully translated data sets on the China Equity market
Gain insight from depth and granularity of coverage of China markets
Receive enriched intelligence through additional NLP-derived data points
10 years’ worth of historical data for the China Equity market
Benefit from speed to market with data updates available before next market open, or tailored on your individual latency requirements
Clearly visualise data trends via the Orbit SaaS platform
Tailor your data by time period and/or number of companies
Customised delivery in client-defined file formats or call data via Orbit’s set of APIs