Select from the vast array of algorithms currently available.

A range of predefined functional/NLP/machine learning algorithms (English/Chinese) which enable insight from the selected dataset(s). Algorithms include:


  • Sentiment

  • Event detection

  • Theme detection

  • Summarisation

  • Article/phrase clustering

  • Keyword extraction

  • Financial domain translation

  • Fund Holdings

NLP Pre-processing

  • NER (Named-entity recognition)

  • Part of speech analysis

Machine Learning

  • BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)

  • Part of speech analysis

  • Deep Learning

  • Integrated Training

Language materials

  • 280 financial, operational, macro and ESG event types

  • Alias of 18,000+ companies in English

  • Alias of 7,000+ companies in Chinese

  • Bespoke positive/negative dictionary

  • Brand database

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